The household of the day pose for this photograph.

The picket fence was a prominent feature at the time, with the entrance from the road aligned with the front door of the Hall.  The ivy coverage and trees gradually reduced over the years.

Toseland Manor Becomes Part of Croxton Estate



Toseland Manor became part of Edward Leed’s Croxton Estate.

The present Croxton Park house was built in 1760 by Leeds so the acquisition of Toseland Manor looks like part of the expansion of the Croxton estate .

The Croxton estate was subsequently acquired by a Samuel Newton of Bangor in 1820 with Toseland Hall as part of the estate.  The Croxton estate remained in the Newton family until 1982 when it was sold.  Toseland Hall must have been sold separately by the estate some time before then but no information has been found on that transaction.